If an individual was asked to create their own magazine or publication, it is likely that person would choose to create something that centres around their interests. This allows a person to draw for their knowledge of the subject, when it comes to any relevant content, or topics, that may be suitable for the publication. It also means the individual is likely to be passionate about the project and therefore is likely to be more driven, and committed to creating a success.

When starting a publication it is important to have contacts in the relevant field. For example if you decided to create a publication about Film or Cinema, but then struggled to get interviews or release information that was up to date, you would be less likely to engage your audience.

In the field of music for example. This could be done simply by emailing artist managers and asking for links to any new releases, or by contacting events companies and promoters, asking what artists they have booked for up and coming events. After all, especially when it comes to music, people are trying to get their names out in as many ways as possible. Therefore people are more than likely to provide you with this information, as it works as good promotion for them.

After gaining in depth knowledge of the of the field or industry, you were going to base a publication around. As well as various contacts that will help you to get inside scoops, interviews and up to date stories, the next step would be to target your audience.

Look into who your publication is going to be aimed at, for example a publication based around dance music, is going to revolve heavily around the club sense. Therefore people under the age of 18, are very unlikely to be reading or engaging with the magazine. Find out your audiences likes and dislikes, and also look at other publications that are doing similar things. What has been successful for other publications in the past, may also be successful for you in the future. Although maybe think about taking a different angle on things in order to make articles original.

Here are a few examples of similar magazines.



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As you can see these magazines are all visually appealing in order to capture the eye of their audiences, bold fonts, use of colour and images, are all used to draw an audiences in. Cover lines of featured articles are dotted around the front page, in order to give audience’s a glimpse of whats inside. This is done in order to encourage the reader to buy the product, drawing them in to find out more. The cover is used as a tool to draw audiences in, while the articles and features inside are used to address the audience and keep them engaged.