Magazine Production, Using The Grid:

In this section Whittaker describes how magazines are designed using grids on each page, which is then consistent through out a magazine and all its issues.

The grid creates a template for page furniture to be laid out in. Allowing for pages to conform with one an other, this adds to the aesthetics and imagery of the pages and their layout, Sometimes a designer may overlap on the grid in order to make a design seem more original. Although this would still conform with the overall aesthetics of a publication.

Master Pages and Templates:

Using master pages and templates allows a designer to build their pages strategically and efficiently. When creating documents for a publication their may be certain attributes you are likely to use on all your pages. For example; Styles and text variables, body text fonts, running header text variables and chapter titles. These can all be set into a template. Allowing you to reuse them on each page with out having to re-create them. Using a master page will allow you to copy the attributes of the master page such as margins, page numbers and titles without having to relay them on to a page or into a grid.

Using these techniques allow you to be more efficient when creating an InDesign document, this may be extremely beneficial when working to a timeframe.

Style Sheets:

Style sheets allow you to maintain consistency within the type setting as you can refer back to style sheets that have been used before. Whilst still being able to modify things within a document. Style sheets can include fonts, text colours, spacing and more. Using this technique makes it easier to change anything a client or editor may not be happy with.

Headings and Intros:

The layout of headings, titles, introductions and standfirsts etc are always crutial to the visual asthetics of a publication. Designers put a lot of thought into what will come before and after them, in order to create a good flow through a page that’s is not only visually appealing but also easy for readers to follow.

Mechanical Specifications, Margins, Bleed and Trim Size:

Using these techniques are not only important for making pages look good, but also curtail when going to print. If a page or document dose not have the right bleed parts of the document will be cut off, or the pages will end up printing with a boarder around the page. These mistakes damage the overall appearance and professionalism of a publication.