Having a C.V is essential to getting a job within almost any industry in society. Employers often select candidates simply by scan reading a C.V due to lack of time, so it is important to be straight to the point.

“A good curriculum vitae – or CV – is vital when looking for work, especially when there are numerous candidates for the same job.” [1]

What makes you good for this position? Tell the employer why you should get the job. A good CV should do the following:

– List your skills (relevant to the position).

– List your qualities (as an individual).

– Make you stand out from other candidates.

– Show your experience in the relevant field (if any).

– Convince the reader to heir you.

The visual aesthetics of a C.V will reflect on the individual, either well or badly. For example if the C.V is a tattered word document with bad spelling and punctuation it will not look good. However if it is well rounded and nicely presented it is likely to make the look good.

“Poor spelling is the quickest way of getting a rejection,” [2]

This C.V, although incomplete was created using Indesign, a piece of software that easily allows you to line up text neatly to a boarder. As well as add other visually appealing elements such as underlining text, in a way that looks tidy and professional.


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[2] Corinne Mills. Managing Director Of Personal Career Management. Source Unknown.