For the first part of this assignment we were asked to create another mood board contemplating ideas and styles we would incorporate into are photo shoot. After previously creating a mood board under the theme of rebooting the 80’s I drew from this and focused my mood board around fashion, in particularly retro fashion. I also drew from work by Richard Avedon a photograph I have previously looked into. I liked the Idea of portraying movement within fashion photography, as well as the moods and emotions brought to life through his portrait work.

Here Is the mood board I created.

Mood 2

We were also asked to create a story board for are photo shoot, to get a good idea of the types of shots we were going to take when in the studio. I drew up my mood board thinking about the movement portrayed in Avedon’s fashion photography as well as items of clothing I had access to that I though would fit my theme.

Story Board.


As you can see I am not the best drawer, although this storyboard helped me to think about the types of shot I wanted to take, and what the main focus of the shots would be. It also helped me plan how I wanted my model to act and any movements I wanted him to make during the photo shoot.

Here is a selection of the original images I came back with.

1458688_10201814430636542_1237325382_n best 1 best 2 best 3 best 5

As you can see, I tried to replicate a similar style of motion that can be seen in fashion photography by Richard Avedon, I also took a portrait image focusing on facial expression to try and portray emotion, as well as taking a few more conventional fashion photography style shots.

Here are my preferred images I chose to later edit in Photoshop.

best 2 edit

This first shot was the more conventional style fashion photograph, I edited it into black and white to make it fit in with the other two photographs I have edited as I felt black and white really enhanced the emotion of the portrait image I took.

edit 2

In this shoot I asked my model to look to the floor in order to try and create an expression of worry or sadness adding a slightly emotional element to the image portraying similar connotations to those found in Richard Avedon’s portrait work.

eit 3


I really enjoyed using the studio for this assignment as I find it allows you to focus souley on the subject you are photographing. Creating a mood board for this assignment really helped me to think about a subject or team I wanted to base my images around as well as the style I would choose to capture them, whilst creating a story board helped me to work more efficiently. As time in the studio is limited creating a storyboard allowed me to know exactly what I wanted to photograph before entering the studio.