In this task we were asked to take two photographs around the university campus, that would complement articles under the header (I love my Uni). One was to be used for an article in The Daily Mail and the other for National Geographic.

This was the photograph taken for The Daily Mail, are angle would have been to focus on the history of the building and how it was once a hospital during World War 2.


Another idea was to use this image, for a rather cynical article about the darker side of university. With the title of the article (I love my uni) being used ironically. I feel this would be more in fitting with other articles that can be found in The Daily Mail. The article could possibly have been about violence, caused by excessive drinking.


The Photograph taken for National Geographic focuses on Becketts park, in which Leeds Metropolitan University is based, this would have been are angle for this article, aimed at the natural beauty the university is surrounded by.


I feel we came back with images that could be worked into articles for either of these publications, as we considered possible angles when taking the photographs. Unfortunately the image quality is poor due to the photographs been taken on a phone.