For any photojournalist it is extremely important to be able to negotiate your way into areas of limited access, in order to get an inside scoop, or angle that may not be accessible to others. I have experienced this once before with a photo-shoot I did for my A-S level photography work. I based a photo-shoot around an old train yard in my local area and had to write to the council asking for access, luckily they allowed me to go ahead and I came back with some great images that I other wise wouldn’t have been able to take. Here are some of my favorite photographs from that shoot.  9SC_9485


For this brief we were asked to negotiate are way into somewhere we wouldn’t normally be able to photograph. To provide a behind the sense view or inside look of the subject we chose to photograph.  I did my photo shoot at a fish and chip shop in Headingley, these are some of the images I came back with.

_DSC0199 _DSC0200 _DSC0202 _DSC0203 _DSC0205 _DSC0208 _DSC0218 _DSC0220 _DSC0230 _DSC0255 _DSC0258

Over all I am happy with this photo-shoot, I feel it provides a good view of a day in the life of a fish and chip shop from behind the sense. This task has made me want to do more of this behind the sense style photography, but apply it to my personal interests. I have recently been speaking to various events organizers to try and get press passes for various events over the summer, allowing me to focus my work around music. Hopefully I will get some good results.