For this assignment we were asked to take photographs under the topic of saturday night, we were asked to also consider a publication to aim this task towards, I chose to do mine for the student magazine, focusing the shoot on the notorious Otley run.

I focused my shoot on the key locations visited during the bar crawl, here are my images.

_DSC0062 _DSC0076 _DSC0087 _DSC0092 _DSC0096 _DSC0111



Over all I am happy with my images, although if I was to do this task again, especially if we were asked to create the whole article, I would have probably have asked permission to photograph these venues inside, in order to capture the atmosphere of each place. I would also consider trying to capture people on an Otley run as I feel this would better illustrate the article, capturing people in fancy dress staggering from bar to bar.