For this assignment we have been asked to produce a documentary feature that is suitable for an existing editorial publication, this was to consist of 10 final images and either a 1000 word reflection, or a 500 word article that accompanies the images and also a 500 word reflection. I chose to do both the 500 word article and 500 word reflection as I felt it would allow me to write a piece that would accompany my images.

I came up with the idea to base this work around U.K pub culture, more specifically aiming my images at the characters that can be found in these places, I felt this would allow me to get interesting portrait style images of animated individuals, providing I could find the right subjects. During my research for this piece i found various examples of the kind of style I wanted to work with.


This image was taken during a documentary piece revolving around a fruit and vegetable market, done by photographers Mark Jackson and Huw Davies. I wanted to capture similar characters to this, the idea of an individuals face telling multiple stories, that can only be drawn up by viewers perceptions was something that appealed to me.

I came across work by american photographer Grant Hodgeon’s, entitled the social decline of the public house, this series of images was based around a similar topic to the one I had decided to work towards.

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I liked the way he had chosen to base his images on the characters in these places, instead of the places themselves, as I feel this develops a better representation of the atmosphere of the place through the expressions of the characters. I liked the idea of escapism that was signified to me through these images, the weathered faces of the older men, photographed away from their jobs, away from their families, in a setting that allows people to be a more natural version of them selves, a local, or an anonymous punter in the corner.

As well as this I came across a series of images entitled The Local, taken by British photographer, Piotr Malecki. I liked these images although felt they were aimed more towards telling the story of the place, instead of focusing on the characters in them. The photography is of a more candid style, looking in to the world of the local from the photographers perspective.

London, Great Britain, April 2010: Guests during lunchtime by the pub at the City. Due to ban of smoking more pub goers spend their time on the street near the pub. (Photo by Piotr Malecki) Londyn, Wielka Brytania, Kwiecien 2010: Goscie kolo pubu w londyn Borehamwood, Great Britain, July 2010: Guests at "The Wishing Well" pub. (Photo by Piotr Malecki) Borehamwood, Wielka Brytania, Lipiec 2010: Goscie w pubie "The Wishing Well" Fot: Piotr Malecki

I feel these images give the viewer more of a fly on the wall style perspective, that of an on looker, rather than that of somebody there, someone involved. I felt the work by Grant Hodgeon’s reflected the idea that the photographer could know these subjects, or has been granted a certain insight into their lives, instead of capturing the subject from a distance the photographer is acknowledged. I think this results in an image that speaks in deeper volumes to the viewer.

After gathering a rough idea for the style of images i wanted to create and the subject of my shoot, I decided to gear it towards Vice magazine, I felt this was a good publication to focus the work around as it has a strong focus on photography, some of which is often slightly obscure and equally as artistic as it informative, with photography work standing out as often dominant, as opposed to simply pictures to accompany text. I also felt the idea of an article based around British pub culture is something that would be suited to Vice as their articles are often cultural insights, something I felt this article could be when considering the local pub to be such a large part of British culture.

Here are some examples of Photography I came across in Vice magazine.

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I came across a hole variety of different styles of photography used for vice magazine, these were some examples I found where the subject of the image revolves specifically around people. The images often reflect personality, or the emotion of the subject at the time.