I choose to do my photo shoot for my final assignment under the topic of british pub culture, using Vice magazine as the publication the work would be geared towards. I felt their articles have a strong focus on photography, some of which is often slightly obscure and equally as artistic as informative, with photography work standing out as often dominant, as opposed to simply pictures that accompany text.

I took my photographs at various pubs in Leeds city center, choosing less up market locations as I thought these would provide me with better subjects to capture. I wanted to aim the shoot at the characters found in these locations as apposed to the locations themselves. Focusing on facial expressions and the stories that they tell. After selecting my final images I chose to edit them by increasing the clarity of the images, this helped to enhance the characters imperfections, such as skin conditions and wrinkles. I also chose to go with black and white edits for the final series of images, I felt this helps enhance the emotions within the images, as well as maintain the focus on the character instead of their surrounding.


It became quite clear during this shoot that each picture would portray a different story as each person I photographed had their own individual character. In this image the wide grin signifies emotions of happiness, in turn signifying the that the pub was a place of enjoyment, the dusty t-shirt also holds connotations to the idea of work and manual labour, painting a story of the character as a working man that enjoys a few pints at the end of the day.


In this image the character seems distant, his eyes being drawn away from the camera, signifying that something may have been happening in the background. His wrinkled skin not only holds connotations to old age, but also the idea of his age seeming enhanced by a possible drinking problem. This is some thing I also found apparent in the following image.


The characters skin pigment could possibly also signify alcoholism, with dark blotchy patches on his cheeks. This also holds connotations to old age whilst his almost child like expression makes him appear as if he should be much younger than he looks.


I feel this image holds strong connotations to friendship, with two men enjoying a pint in a quite corner of the pub, again the facial expressions signify an element of enjoyment, I also feels their age relates the idea that these gentlemen could have been friends for along time.


This is one of my favourite images from this shoot, I feel the expression of confusion on the mans face holds connotations to the confusion of old age, with his tie and smart shirt signifying a time in the past when more formal attire would be more common in his surroundings. Over all I feel my images well portray the vast array of characters that can be found in a pub, whilst at the same time portraying the atmosphere of the place, as some where people can escape to, and enjoy a drink with their friends.